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"I commissioned Nikki for a painting earlier this year (2020). I own a tattoo shop in Eastern PA that doubles as an art gallery. I saw the work that Nikki had posted everyday and I knew without a doubt that I needed her work hanging in the gallery. I gave her a general idea of the feel of the decor and she painted a skeleton. She absolutely killed it. Her attention to detail was on point. I put the painting in a French baroque style gold frame. The piece fits right in at the shop. I would recommend that if you're looking for some stunning artwork...that you look no further than Nikki. Its like there's nothing she can't do. This girl lives and breathes art."

— Justin Blackwell


"Nikki is my favorite artist to work with because of her sheer talent and passion. She takes art to such a personal level, so attentive to detail, and everything she produces is absolutely gorgeous and better than you could expect or imagine!"

— Tylie Cooper

I met Nikki at a local Sweet Tea Festival. I knew my husband and I were about to list our house we were living in. My mom passed away a few years prior to me meeting Nikki. I ran an idea by her of a very special piece of my house I needed to take with me. 

My mom loved my old barn in my backyard. I asked her if she would paint that barn for me from a photo I had of it. She was super excited to do this for me. The painting now hangs on my wall in our new home. It is super special to me and my family!! I have several pieces of her art in my home and plan to continue displaying her work!! She is an amazing person who truly loves to provide the best art to her clients!!

— Kay Dominguez

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